How long does surgery take?

Nose reshaping/Rhinoplasty (also referred to as Nasal surgery) is a relatively short surgical procedure, taking between one and several hours. Having said that some rhinoplasty procedures can take alot longer if they are more complicated, such as recontruction or rebuilding of the bone and cartilaginous structures.

How is it done?

The nose reshaping will be performed under local (for tip of the nose) or general anaesthetic (for any other rhinoplasty). The process will be slightly different for everyone, but generally, the surgeon will start by making an incision inside the nasal passage (scars are invisible) or between the nostrils at the base of the nose (small hard to see scar).

The bone in the nose is sometimes broken to re-align it. The nose supporting cartilage and nostrils may be re-shaped, once that’s done the nose will then be splinted and dressed.

Recovery Period

After the first few days, facial bruising and swelling around eyes and cheeks, which should settle within a couple of weeks. It may feel tender for a few months after surgery, some liken this feeling to having a head cold.