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The surgery itself usually takes between one to two hours, and is usually performed under a general anaesthetic. During the surgery, the skin is usually separated from the supporting framework of bone and cartlidge. Depending on the type of surgery, incisions can either be made on the base of the nose, on the skin between the two nostrils, or on the inside of the nostrils.

Rhinoplasty Surgery.. also known as Nose Jobs
…that can be the quickest to perform, often taking less than a few hours to complete (but not in all cases) by creating a shape and profile that blends with the rest of the face nose reshaping continued

Possible Complications of Rhinoplasty Surgery

As with all types of surgery, rhinoplasty carries with it an element of risk. However, this is a relatively common procedure, and complications tend to be infrequent. Issues following this type of surgery can include nosebleeds and infections to the nasal area. Scarring tends to be invisible if the incisions are made on the inside of the nose, and the majority of surgeons will use dissolvable stiches on the external incisions at the base of the nose. Scars at the base of the nose are usually not visible following surgery.

Costs Of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Typical UK Cost £3000-£4000.

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